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It's Simple.

We connect farmers to customers.

We provide practical solutions for farmers and big consumers. Our purpose is to support regional farmers by giving them the exposure and credit they deserve. 


no more corporate food.

We are on a mission to facilitate the sustainable creation, growth and profitability of local farms everywhere by offering practical products and services. 

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a whole new meaning of "farm-to-table."


how we work.

Our mobile platform allows local farmers to sell goods nationwide in markets previously dominated by conglomerates. Farmfox gives access to fresh products from around the nation all on the convenience of a mobile device. 

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your goods.your prices. 

 We created a marketplace where purchasers can receive multiple offers on the same product from different vendors.  As a farmer, see live orders from customers looking for your products and give them an offer in real time.

We're currently under construction.